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Oculus Insights offers complete management services so you can focus on what you love – veterinary medicine

Business Management

Managing a veterinary business is challenging. We became veterinarians to work with animals. Dealing with clients is hard enough without having to spend time with spreadsheets or manage people. These are skills we never learned, and frankly, many of us have no interest in learning. The result for many of us is that we become bitter about owning a practice. Every day we spend valuable time putting out fires, often at the expense of our medical care. We resent the pressure it adds to our lives. We don't spend the time we want with family, friends and ourselves. Too often, many practice owners give up without ever enjoying the benefits of practice ownership. 

We can work with your team to manage:

  • Human Resources

  • Financial Management

  • Accounts Receivables

  • Growth Strategies

  • Marketing

  • Negotiating Equipment

  • Pharmaceutical purchases

  • & more

Our Business Management Services

On-site Support

Our team will meet with you and help solve your immediate needs and also work on longer-term strategies you can implement in your business.

Dashboards, Budgets & Custom Reporting

We can help you simplify and customize your monthly, quarterly and annual reports to make decisions for your practice. 

Buying & Selling Your Practice

It can be very exciting and sometimes a bit scary moving to buy into a practice or make the transition towards selling your business. Our financial team will help you navigate this process and set you up for success. This process is much more than just the deal or price, rather it is about setting everyone up for success and sustainability. 

Negotiation Services

Throughout our lives, we are in a constant state of negotiating in one manner or another.  We are here to help you negotiate your larger deals in a cost-effective manner;  expensive diagnostic equipment, the purchase of a practice, or the negotiation of important contracts and agreements.  Having a professional on your side can mean the difference between success and a negative outcome.  

Inventory Management

Medications and supplies are one of your highest expenses and the marketplace challenges you with deals, discounts, perks, and more.  Our inventory specialist helps you understand the best way to obtain the best deals

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