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Looking forward to going to work makes all the difference. It's within reach of all veterinary practices.

Oculus Insights has developed a customizable human resource management system focused on the veterinary profession. We establish hiring and training protocols, performance reviews, and compensation systems for veterinarians and staff. We give you a proven system that takes all the guesswork and confusion out of managing your staff and makes sure you are doing the right things legally.

Human Resources

Without a good Human Resource system, our staff challenges can take all of the joy out of being a veterinarian and can contribute to upset clients, inconsistent medical care, and burnout with a revolving door of staff coming and going. It’s exhausting.

Having an engaged workforce translates into loyal clients, increased revenue and increased profitability. Veterinary practices that are recognized for a great work environment can attract and retain great employees. Let Oculus Insights help you have the practice you’ve always wanted.

Our Human Resource Services

Authentic Communication and Difficult Conversations Training Workshop Package

Our collaborative workshops provide staff with the skills and knowledge to recognize the importance of difficult conversations, how best to receive feedback with a growth mindset and how to be a better listener through self-awareness and empathy.

Employee Engagement Survey Package

The Employee Engagement Survey Package helps practices improve customer service and retention, reduce expensive employee turnover, improve efficiency, and in all ways improve a company’s bottom line.

Human Resources Audit Package 

With fast-paced veterinary practices, it’s hard to find the time to ensure all Human Resource (HR) systems are implemented properly and systematically. It can be hard to know what legislation and employment standards are required. Our in-depth HR Audit ensures you are informed of employment legislation while keeping your practice out of potentially costly and undesirable situations.

Full Human Resources Implementation Package 

Our Full Human Resources Implementation Package helps leaders and managers with accountability while building a strategic HR program.

Our HR podcast for the veterinary profession

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