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Management, Strategy & Leadership for Veterinary Professionals

Are you a veterinary practice manager, veterinarian or Master’s student with entrepreneurial, management and leadership ambitions? The veterinary business landscape is changing, customers are more demanding, and rapid developments are changing the skills required of veterinarians today.

Utrecht University and Oculus Insights’ new course ‘Management, strategy and leadership for veterinary professionals’ will help you develop the skills you need to succeed.

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Speaking Engagement

Team Engagement and Retention: A Worldwide Challenge with Joop Loomans

We are excited to take part in the 2021 VMG SPVS Congress.

On May 13-14, 2021, our very own Joop Loomans will be presenting on Team Engagement and Retention.

Whether you are managing a vet practice in North America, the Netherlands, Italy, China or UK, finding young committed vets and vet nurses has been a key challenge over the past few years with little signs of things improving. Therefore understanding how to engage and retain those you have is more important than ever.

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Speaking Engagement

MSD Expertisa Online Conference 2021 with Mike Pownall and Joop Loomans

Join our very own Mike Pownall and Joop Loomans on May 10, 2021 for our speaking engagements at the 2021 MSD Expertisa Online Conference.

Speaking Information:
18.05: Tierarzt oder Unternehmer Quo Vadis?

Joop Loomans DVM PhD MBA (German) Oculus Insights, the Netherlands.

Was motiviert Tierärzte? Geht es nur um die Arbeit mit Tieren, mögen wir auch Unternehmertum, oder beides? Der Markt verändert sich schnell. Einige KollegInnen sehen es als Bedrohung an, aber Veränderung eröffnet viele Möglichkeiten. In dieser Präsentation werden neue Optionen im Veterinärbereich vorgestellt und wie Sie die richtige Wahl für sich oder Ihre Praxis treffen können.

18.50: How do you attract, employ, and maintain great staff for your clinic?

Dr. Mike Pownall DVM MBA (English) McKee Pownall Equine Services / Oculus Insights, Canada.

How to build a human resources plan that brings up the best in your staff. Given the current global shortage of veterinarians and support staff, it is key to become the place of preference for good, engaged and talented staff. It is time to build a robust human resources plan that does justice to your biggest asset being….. your staff!

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Veterinary Business Management

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