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Insights by Oculus

The newsletter created for the veterinary profession 

Insights by Oculus

Our bi-weekly summary of interesting news for the veterinary profession

Diving into Canada’s veterinary shortage, how the pandemic is impacting veterinary consolidation, a dog’s anatomy while swallowing and more.

Is our seemingly global veterinary and support staff shortage a true shortage of vets and staff or are we facing a retention problem?

What can destroy a career in vet medicine more? Obnoxious clients or a toxic work environment? I don’t think one is worse than the other, but alone or together they can wear us down.

A mix of articles that help us hire better, develop a company purpose and some quotes that promise to make you stop and think.

How do female veterinarians share similar challenges with female physicians that are trying to find their place in human medicine? 

In this issue, we look at the personalities that make up our workforce, finding that a new job is no better than the old one, and an update on the care of zoo animals in Ukraine. 

How to improve our lives, the stigma of mental health and how to stop employees from being lured away to another company.

How our moods impact our co-workers, an in-depth analysis of why kids today are different from other generations and the sad state of affairs of more and more veterinary practice owners selling their practices.

In this issue, we have links to a recent survey on online abuse against veterinarians, more on the shortage of veterinarians and new insights on resilience in the workplace. We also feature the latest episode of the AAEP Practice Life Podcast titled The Value of Internships.

How to retain staff, research on the cause of the high rate of suicide amongst veterinarians and why customers will accept price increases.

Great advice on why wages aren’t everything for employees and another health care sector that is being bought up by private equity, much like the veterinary profession.

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