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Sue has taught me to visualize myself stepping out of the chaos instead of standing there in it. I visualize myself on the outside looking in. It’s much easier to see everything going on in the game from the press box than by standing in the middle of the field.

- Susan W., Practice Manager

"I have been working with Mike Pownall now for the last 10 months. In that time working with him has allowed me to focus my business on what we stand for and where we want to get to. The honest feedback has helped me to take the next step and employ a new veterinary surgeon for the future. Working with an external consultant has allowed me to have an outside opinion on my business and also help me to work on my business rather than in the business. Having worked with Oculus Insights and Mike, I have found this to be a very cost-effective way to have an external consultant. Having access to a consultant that has worked within the veterinary industry with a proven background in business management is invaluable."


- Dr. T., Practice Owner & Veterinarian

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Sue is real, honest and inspiring to work with. She has an innate understanding of the human condition and how someone’s perception of self can affect their professional relationships and success. Every session with Sue left me excited, encouraged and empowered to move forward and improve my life. Her emphasis is completely to thrive rather than survive, which is a place many professionals fall into. Sue uses your goals and values to help you see how you may be limiting yourself and how you are completely capable of and are deserving of a life you want. I can’t say enough about my experience with this woman. I do not even hesitate to call Sue a “game-changer” or perhaps even a “kickstarter” onto the path of thriving.

- Andrea, DVM and Associate

Coaching has made a huge impact on my degree of self-realization. I have learned to be much more self-aware about how my words and actions might be affecting other people, or might be interpreted by other people. CHANGING that has been more of a challenge, but recognizing it has been the first step. I feel like I have learned to start being a better listener and empathizer. Lastly, I am learning to have some self-compassion. I am learning to set my own limits and boundaries and be ok with that. I am learning to say no and stand up for what I believe. It is all a process, that takes ongoing commitment but I have loved it!

- Steph. T, DVM and Owner

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