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Who We Are Oculus Insights

Who We Are

Oculus Insights began in the USA in 2006 offering an annual veterinary business education summit for veterinarians and practice managers. Our success in the USA created opportunities to develop similar business education programs in Europe and eventually in China, Australia and New Zealand. It wasn’t long before many of our students were asking us for assistance with some of the challenges they were facing in their own practices. Since then, we have transitioned to a role of trusted advisors and mentors to veterinary practices across the world. We still enjoy teaching, but we also love working one on one with veterinary practices to help them achieve their goals.

Why We Do What We Do Oculus Insights

Why We Do What We Do

As founders of Oculus Insights, we have all practiced as veterinarians and have owned and managed our own veterinary practices. We shared similar frustrations in our business knowledge and education which led us to pursue further advanced education so we could not only manage our practices better but also help our colleagues with their business challenges. We created Oculus Insights to help our profession be professionally and personally fulfilling.


Honesty, Respect, Trust, Ethical


Teamwork, Connection, Family, Communication


Education, Growth, Curiosity, Flexibility, Adaptability


Be in balance, Fun


Dedication, Service-oriented, Contribution to Success

Our Approach to Business Oculus Insights

Our Approach to Business

At Oculus Insights our approach to business management is to develop a strong business culture based upon core values and a purpose. Once these are established, we can build a well-functioning team. We firmly believe that your staff can only offer the best client and patient care when they care about the business they work for.


Your people are what makes your business unique and why your clients remain loyal to you.


Having a reputation for being people-focused enables practices to attract the best veterinarians and staff in your competitive market. Combined with the foundation of a strong team, areas of business management like increased profitability, practice growth, marketing, inventory control, and succession planning, for example, are much easier to achieve.

The Oculus Benefit

The Oculus Benefit

As we have grown, we have added many veterinary professionals from Europe, Canada and the USA, with a wide range of specialties to Oculus Insights. All of them are either veterinarians with advanced education or have enjoyed many years working in management positions in various veterinary practices treating all species.


We believe that our global experience offers the most benefit to our clients. Each region has its own area of specialties that we are able to share with our global clients. It allows us to offer a local flavour with a broad network of support.


Together, we work with your practice to identify the source of your business challenges and opportunities and offer custom solutions that will help your veterinary practice reach its full potential.

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