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When marketing is done well for a veterinary practice, it can help keep your existing clients engaged and attract new clients that are right for your business.

Oculus Insights has many marketing solutions for your practice that will help increase sales and drive new customers to your business while allowing your staff to focus on the care of your patients.


Marketing helps increase sales by highlighting all of the great things about your veterinary practice. It gives your practice a professional manner that allows your business to stand out when potential clients are searching for a new veterinarian for their animals.

Many veterinary practices struggle with their marketing. Whether it is creating a marketing plan, using social media channels, planning content or communicating with clients through email campaigns. It is hard to know what channels to use, what content to post or how often. Usually, someone is told to use Facebook or Instagram because the business needs to be on social media. Unfortunately, most of the time, these efforts don’t give the return on time and money that is expected. The result is that many practices give up on marketing because they think it is ineffective.

Together, we can work on creating a custom marketing solution for your vet practice.

Our Marketing Solutions

Developing & Implementing A Marketing Plan

​Developing a marketing plan is a crucial first step of a strategy of how a practice will deliver its services to clients.

Marketing Education For Practices

In a constantly developing field, it is hard to keep up with the newest technology, social media trends and platforms. It can be challenging to understand what platform you should use, what content to post or what marketing strategy to follow.

Content Marketing For Practices

Whether your vet practice has a new promotion to share, is hosting an event or needs to communicate effectively with clients, it is crucial to have professional and engaging content on the right channel to reach the right people.

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